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In the context of the E-TIC program, artists have created illustrations, a basis for educational materials and posters, in a context with low literacy rates of the concerned populations. Very special thanks go to the following illustrators.

Story by Abdou Kane Ndaw

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A multidisciplinary team visited the various rural communities of Senegal to share with them what New Information and Communication Technologies can bring them for their agricultural activities, as well as for environmental conservation.

Traditionally, farmers use a lot of
pesticides and chemicals.

But then some have become blind.

Others have had children with birth defects, affecting in particular their reproductive organs.

Then they realized that biodiversity was
a system as a whole. The agricultural technician
explained to them the importance of trees,
their different nutrient intakes and the need to
plant crops taking into account  greater diversity.

And they appealed to the meteorologist who explained the importance of weather data so they can predict what kinds of crops are best suited for the various seasons.

The computer specialist, meanwhile, has trained villagers to use the Internet. He explained that with the web, villagers can obtain information regarding agricultural practices. They can also interact with other farmers around the world and even develop collaborations with them.

At the end of the various presentations,
the villagers have realized the need to use
ICTs to help them get information and
to better protect biodiversity and the environment. 

This has significantly improved the health status of children of the communities.

And increases the quality of production and improves the life in the village as a whole.

About the artist: Ndaw Abdou Kane is a young Senegalese artist from Rufisque. He holds a degree in geography from the University Cheikh Anta Diop and has studied at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts of Dakar. More:

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