Teaching Methods

The training of E-TIC is hands-on and aims to respond to specific needs from field:


Training modules

Training methodologies

Our pedagogical approach combines in-class training and in-the-field case studies. For each module, the extension workers will be provided with the course contents and other pedagogical aids, which will vary according to the subject addressed (PowerPoint illustrations, Open Office, short movies, links to relevant sites, use of the E-TIC platform, as well as other exercises and documents suited to the content). An important role will be given to team work, especially for simulations and case studies.


  • Acquire a good knowledge of the agricultural sector and understand the issues associated with it;
  • Be able to extract relevant information for the dissemination of information in the field (including the use of information technology and communication, or more specifically the web and mobile phones);
  • Making the methodological tools to analyze problems of marketing and logistics of agricultural markets and their functioning;
  • Understand the organization and operation of the various channels of marketing of agricultural products;
  • Know the methods of modern logistics to be able to manage the flow and information;
  • Making appropriate tools for gathering and collecting data field.

Training tools

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